Our Gifts for Local Brokers and Appointed Representatives

During December 2022, Gauntlet has taken the opportunity to use the Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, to highlight some of the benefits of being an Appointed Representative with Gauntlet.  The 12 gifts also allowed us to cast more light on some of the features that make the network so strong for Appointed Representatives.

Posts appeared on Gauntlet Group’s LinkedIn and Instagram pages, which are well worth checking out, if you don’t already follow.  For those who didn’t see them, here’s a summary.


Appointed Representative benefits communicated via the 12 Days of Christmas



Two Turtle Shoves


We put a twist on the carol’s lyrics to talk about compliance and PI insurance  – two major reasons why both talented account executives and established brokers join our network.  Compliance can be a major burden for any broker to deal with, whilst PI insurance is increasingly expensive.  Whether you are a start-up broker or a broker wanting to de-authorise and join Gauntlet as an Appointed Representative (AR), these are two major factors to consider.



Three French Dens


Here, we looked at some of the French locations from which our Appointed Representatives have been able to work this year, running their business whilst either taking a break or working from abroad for an extended period.  Of course, it’s not just France.  With our Acturis IT and fantastic systems, plus the back-up of our internal broking team, our ARs can work from anywhere in the world.



Four Calling Cards


We have many more than just four calling cards on our www.gauntletgroup.com website, which is designed to be a magnet for sales leads for our local brokers.  All are featured on a map and their contact details can be accessed by businesses needing help with their insurance and risk management.  Our main aim is to put local brokers back on the map and we’ve literally done it!




Five Golden Rings


Our Appointed Representatives can access a wide range of insurance covers and agencies, thanks to Gauntlet’s standing in the insurance market, and these include high-net-worth and personal lines policies.   Five gold rings reminds us of the fantastic cover we can offer to high- net-worth clients, for their personal insurances.



Six Geese a-Laying


We focused on the many ways in which we support the local broker Appointed Representatives in our network and let them lay the ‘eggs’ that can build their income.  We listed just six: our online quote-and-buy system; the provision of warm leads; our annual Springboard sales inspiration event; exclusively worded WTWNetworks policies; cross-sell opportunities highlighted by Acturis and attractive and niche schemes, which we can access or arrange through our insurer partners.



Seven Swans a-Swimming


This allowed us to look at the seven ‘swans’ that can paddle furiously in the background within our online quote-and-buy system, earning money for our local brokers without those brokers having to do very much.  Seven easy-to-arrange covers, on which our local brokers would not tend to concentrate, can be bought by clients online, providing an additional income stream – a great way for a start-up broker to get some income through the door fast.



Eight Aides a-Milking


At Gauntlet Group, we are in the unique position, as a leading network, of having our own direct sales team.  This team acts as an aide to our local brokers, by testing sales campaigns that, if successful, can be rolled out to our Appointed Representative network, for their use.  We have many more than 8 aides and all are partnering in the growth of our ARs.



Nine Ladies Dancing


This post coincided with the news that we had scooped a Bronze Award, for Business Partner of the Year, in the prestigious Insurance Times Awards 2022.  In truth, there were more than nine ladies dancing for joy that day, with this award being testament to the enormous effort we put into giving our Appointed Representatives the best start (or reboot if it’s a de-authorising broker) for their business.



Ten Lords a-Leaping


Our post served as a reminder of the fact that we are spearheading a local broker renaissance, by providing local brokers, often at the heart of their communities, with the means to compete with national conglomerates, all thanks to our great buying power.  We also listed 10 lords of the renaissance – Mantegna, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Dürer, Bellini, van Eyck, Donatello, Ghiberti and Botticelli.



Eleven Pipers Piping


We took the opportunity to celebrate 11 passionate local brokers who have been winners of our annual Appointed Representative Awards over the past two years and who are all piping out fantastic advice to clients, working within the Gauntlet Appointed Representative Network.


Twelve Drummers Drumming


Our back-office team consists of many more than just 12 drummers but all are the orchestration behind our local brokers.  The team handles accounts, compliance and administration, arranges PI insurance for our brokers and carries out broking on an AR’s behalf (if they want that service).  It liaises with our extensive insurer contact-base, organises conferences, training events and Springboard sales conferences and ensures our Acturis IT is as tailored as it can be to our ARs’ needs. Add to this other services, such as marketing and sales and lead-generation support, and it’s a truly money-could-not-buy package for any Appointed Representative to take up, whether as a start-up broker or de-authorising broker.



And an AR Principal for 10 Years Plus 3


So finally, we got to the main message – that Gauntlet has been an Appointed Representative network principal for 13 years, perfecting every element of its support for local brokers throughout that time.  In 2022, we moved up a gear, investing heavily in a move to really drive the local broker renaissance, responding to an era of non-stop consolidation and the erosion of great quality insurance advice delivery.

We know that many brokers do not really want to hang up their boots but are struggling.  We’re here to turn the tide and make broking a stress-free joy again.

That’s our gift to directly authorised local brokers across the UK, who just cannot cope with the current situation, and to account executives who want to start their own insurance brokerage.  All you need do is email NigelLaw@GauntletGroup.com or fill in the enquiry form and you too could be part of the local broker renaissance.

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