The Gauntlet Appointed Representative network is the AR network powering the local broker renaissance. We are literally putting dedicated insurance brokers, at the centre of their communities or niches, back on the map, as our appointed representative partners.

We consistently champion local brokers and make every effort to arm our appointed representatives with extraordinary buying power, insurer access and competitive advantage. We want our independent and self-employed AR brokers to succeed and exceed their own growth or lifestyle expectations, as an AR partner of Gauntlet Group.

Why do I need to become an appointed representative?

Ten years ago, there were other options available, if you were an account exec wanting to start your own insurance brokerage. Nowadays, there are not. Insurer agencies are just not available to start-ups or even to many established brokers. The investment you would need to make in an insurance brokerage would break you before you even got going.

The industry recognises that most brokers need a “mother ship”, if they are to survive and thrive.

Gauntlet Group should be your appointed representative “mother ship” of choice, if you are an ambitious, highly professional account executive or one dedicated to providing service excellence to your clients. Our local brokers often consider that becoming an AR broker with Gauntlet was the best move they ever made.

Who can become a Gauntlet Group appointed representative?

An appointed representative of Gauntlet Group could be an insurance account executive, who is looking to become their own boss, by founding their own broking business. This is a logical step for those who have climbed a career ladder as an account exec and have nowhere else to go within the world of employment.

A Gauntlet Group AR can equally be a formerly directly authorised broker, who was ghosted by the insurance industry and unable to gain access to insurer agencies. By de-authorising with Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track and joining Gauntlet Group, these brokers can be reborn and enjoy a new lease of life as an appointed representative.

Other ARs switch from other networks, having found a lack of transparency, or support, or both.

Award-winning, high-energy approach and groundbreaking AR programme

Our award-winning approach as an AR broker partner is continually making waves, resulting in headlines referring to us as an appointed representative ‘powerhouse’. We never stand still, always looking for marginal gains for our ARs, to keep them one step ahead.

To this end, we have become members of Brokerbility, to provide our ARs with competitive advantage, via access to more insurance schemes and client options.

We have also, over the course of a few years, not just armed our appointed representative independent brokers with award-winning Acturis IT systems but created bespoke programmes within Acturis, to drive growth and sales.

Our Gauntlet Group website is our consumer-facing sales pitch to the commercial insurance client and one that helps drive enquiries for our appointed representatives. We recognise that our role is also to help clients fall back in love with local brokers, turning the tide on consolidation and call centres.

As we continue to drive the local broker renaissance, we have created a unique and groundbreaking way for anyone to have the opportunity to start their own brokerage. Gauntlet Brokerage Builder is our way to make this life-changing move one that is accessible to all insurance account execs and talented insurance sales people.

How to become an appointed representative

To summarise, there are four ways to become an appointed representative and AR broker of Gauntlet:

  • the standard AR route straight from employment (an account executive role) into self-employment as an AR partner of Gauntlet Group
  • de-authorising through Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track and relinquishing direct authorisation from the FCA, to allow Gauntlet to take on the compliance duty and much more, as your AR network principal
  • building a brokerage whilst employed with us via the Gauntlet Brokerage Builder programme
  • switching from another AR network and seamlessly moving your client data on to our systems

With all these options, there is no reason not to embark on the most exciting insurance broker journey available to you, if you have what it takes to become part of our story and can match our highly professional standards.

Email to find out more or read on, to discover what makes our network unique.

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