Gauntlet Group's vision

Gauntlet Group was founded in 1994 and has earned a much-deserved reputation as a commercial insurance broker.

In 2022, we came out of lockdown with the intention to really drive the local broker renaissance. We wanted to put local brokers back on the map, regaining ground as the essential community resource that they are, or the specialist that really understands a niche inside-out.

To this end, we developed our Gauntlet Group website, which you can find at Here, we directly address the advantages of working with a local broker, talking to a consumer audience of people who could be your clients, if you join us as an appointed representative.

The site goes into detail about a variety of commercial insurance covers, with an option to find a local broker, using the accompanying website map.

Both commercial and personal lines covers are also available via an online quote and buy facility. This same facility is available to all of our AR brokers and helps them to generate income from another source, which largely looks after itself, through e-traded products.

Our podcast – Mind the Gaps – examines some of the pitfalls that clients need to consider when arranging their insurance. We involve some of our appointed representatives, as guests on the show, and also talk to leading insurers.

Why this approach?

This is just part of the support we provide to our AR brokers, as their network principal. The activity we engage in through our Gauntlet Group website is all about generating leads from which we can mutually benefit, as business partners. It is focused on driving traffic to those who have started their businesses in conjunction with Gauntlet Group and helping them to help their clients understand the ethos of the business partner who is backing them.

We shall continue to develop this site, as we further drive the local broker renaissance. It will continue to be a hub to which consumers can turn, when they need proper insurance advice, having become increasingly disillusioned by call centres and the impersonal service that sees them treated as little more than numbers on a spreadsheet.

Our aim is to put the personal touch back into insurance provision and the face-to-face back into financial services.  Join us on our journey, by becoming a Gauntlet appointed representative, and you can be a part of this. Together, we can turn the tide in the insurance market and put local brokers back on the map.

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