New Insurance Business Built Through Gauntlet Brokerage Builder

Former Gauntlet Group account executive, Paul Howley, is the first insurance professional to complete the Gauntlet Brokerage Builder  programme and set up his own insurance brokerage.

Paul opened the doors to Gauntlet Select on June 1, having been a Broking Partner Designate on the Gauntlet Brokerage Builder programme for a year.  This is Gauntlet’s unique ‘try before you fly’ programme, which enables insurance sales professionals and account executives to learn to build their future insurance brokerage whilst still employed.

This levels the playing field for individuals who cannot simply leap from employment into self-employment, without some basis of knowing the risk will pay off. This is usually the case with those with family commitments, those with no financial buffer to see them through the first months of trading, or those who are just risk averse.

In Paul’s case, he has built his brokerage extremely quickly, hitting all milestones set and completing all requirements, such as establishing a marketing plan, branding and website prior to launch.  He has transferred a proportion of the clients acquired over the past year and is now ready to further grow his book, as a Gauntlet appointed representative (AR).

He will focus on areas in which he has had success, particularly commercial property owners and professions requiring Professional Indemnity protection. However, he will be focusing on commercial insurance provision in its widest sense, rather than any one niche.

With the Acturis IT system connecting him 24/7 with all he needs, he will initially be based from home in Wakefield and is looking forward to the control he will have over his future, in his new capacity as a Gauntlet appointed representative.

He is also relishing the prospect of working with clients tired of remote insurance provision and wanting to work closely with a dedicated broker who understands their risk inside out.

Paul says, “I am proud to have come through the programme and left with my own business and opportunity to enhance insurance provision for a large number of companies and enterprises. I surprised myself when it came to how easily I managed to achieve the goals set, although I would not say any of it was easy.  It takes hard work and commitment  but it is well worth doing, if you are ambitious and want to be in charge of your own future.”

Gauntlet’s managing director, Roger Gaunt, says, “Paul, as our first Gauntlet Brokerage Builder programme entrant has set a blueprint when it comes to using the programme to achieve your goal of self-employment within your own insurance brokerage.  He has demonstrated just how effective the programme is at getting a healthy and sustainable new insurance brokerage launched.  He has also shown that the programme plays an important part within our mission to drive a local broker renaissance in the UK.

“Paul has de-risked his future business and given himself a great base from which to grow his brokerage in the coming months, with the continued help of the Gauntlet head office team and our impressive access to over 200 insurers and facilities.”

Paul has spoken about his experience in a podcast at and is happy to talk to any other insurance account executives wishing to follow in his shoes and enter the Gauntlet Brokerage Builder programme. He can be contacted on 07413 041354 or at and has a website at

More information about Gauntlet Brokerage Builder can be found in a number of booklets which are downloadable from the resources area of this website.  Other podcasts will also help clarify Gauntlet Brokerage Builder and the other routes to becoming an appointed representative with Gauntlet Group.

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