As an appointed representative network, we believe we are:

  • the only one truly championing local and specialist brokers.
  • the only one that truly partners with you and has an interest in seeing you succeed.
  • the only one pro-actively finding you leads and business.
  • the only one allowing you to handle your own broking if you wish to do so.
  • the only AR network that can really make the commission split a no-brainer.
  • the only one coupling superb market reach and insurer relationships with access to the global expertise of Willis Towers Watson Networks and its services.
  • the only one that provides an exit route, should you want to sell your brokerage, when ready to hang up your broking boots.

Local brokers have everything the consumer needs, in terms of expertise and dedication. What they don’t tend to have is resource, access to market, fantastic buying power, top-class IT and sales systems and sales leads fed into them.

We will give you all of this, whether you join us as a start-up, switch to our network, give up being directly authorised by the FCA and let us take the strain of compliance, or set up an insurance arm to your professional services, consultancy or property management business.

We will provide you with the only thing you need to make your competitive edge complete – national reach.

The Gauntlet Appointed Representative network is different from anything else you will find. We are not just a conduit towards opening a brokerage; we are a champion. A champion of ambitious local brokers. A champion that gives local brokers the buying power to compete. A champion that never ceases considering how to bring its local and specialist brokers more benefits and marginal gains.

We are the only AR network encouraging its local brokers to write large risks, not just small and medium-sized business. We have the policies to back that and make large-risk placement happen.

We are the only one offering ARs an online quote and buy facility on their website, so they can transact e-trade business via Acturis – the award-winning software we will also give to our ARs as their superb sales and IT system.

We are the only one that’s unique, as its founder has undertaken your exact same journey. We are the only one that actually lives the world of the local broker.

Where else does it make sense to begin, continue or end your independent broking career?

There is only one place. Become a powerful local broker with Gauntlet Group and its AR broker network.

Insurance Account Executives: How to Become an Appointed Representative

Insurance account executives wishing to start their own insurance brokerage come to the right place when they approach Gauntlet. Our brokerage business launch-pad is perfect for any insurance broking start-up, and should be the network of choice for insurance industry professionals and dedicated local brokers.

We understand your insurance broking world inside out and have a team of head office brokers helping you to grow and fulfil your lifestyle ambitions. We want to make the local broker proposition powerful again and lead its renaissance. Together, we can do that.

We know you can sell and want to maximise your potential, growing income fast, by perhaps focusing on bigger risks or niche market areas where your skills shine through. With access to over 200 insurers and facilities, we can help you place your dream risks, when other networks cannot. With Acturis IT and our team behind you, your sales pipeline will never run dry.

No matter where you are located in the UK geographically, no matter what your insurance area of expertise (generalist or specialist, commercial lines or personal lines), we have the insurance products and solutions to help you maximise your sales, keep on top of renewals and be a broking business dynamo. You can truly become a local broker with national reach.

How to Switch AR Network

If you have become disillusioned with the Appointed Representative network you first chose, it’s never too late to change and become a super-charged Gauntlet local broker instead.

ARs switching to join Gauntlet, typically do so because their ambitions are not being fulfilled with their current network. They often want to place the biggest and most complex risks, but find their network cannot accommodate this ambition, or will not allow them to handle this size of work. They often feel their levels of professionalism better served by the Gauntlet approach, name and network.

If you are being held back by your AR network, it’s time to talk about being part of our local broker renaissance. Email today, to discover how to switch Appointed Representative network.

Directly Authorised Brokers

If you’re already a local broker but need better buying power and more impetus behind you, now is the time to consider de-authorising and letting us take over your compliance duties, whilst your forge ahead as an Appointed Representative.

You may be heading towards retirement and need to max your earnings potential. You may wish to dramatically reduce overheads, to make your brokerage more profitable, recognising our back-office and broking support can help you do that. You may know you cannot compete without access to cutting-edge IT, but cannot afford the investment it would take to get it.

Through our Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-Track (GDF) route, you can transform your brokerage within weeks, gaining everything you currently lack, as you seek to generate more income, through growth and higher profitability.

You can still retain your lifestyle as an independent insurance broker but be a local broker with compelling products to offer to your clients.

Worried this will leave you without a brokerage sale, when you wish to retire? Through our model we can buy a book of business when our ARs wish to do something else with their lives. When you come to that point, your balance sheet should look far healthier and you should be where you wanted to be, when you first set up as an independent insurance broker.

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