Gauntlet Group Further Powers Local Broker Renaissance by Partnering with Brokerbility

  • Appointed Representative Network principal to deliver new growth and competitive advantage opportunities for its ARs, through network switch

Entrepreneurial Appointed Representative network, Gauntlet Group, is leveraging more competitive advantage for the ARs it nurtures and supports, having taken the decision to join the Brokerbility Network.

The Leeds-headquartered network, which earlier in August announced a major new initiative for prospective new start-up brokers, through its new Gauntlet Brokerage Builder proposition, believes this decision will give its ARs better access to schemes that are closely aligned with their clients’ needs and their own business portfolios.

By adding its own weight and buying power to the Brokerbility group as a member, Gauntlet will also further enhance the Brokerbility network’s ability to entice the best pricing and coverage options from insurer markets.  The mutual benefit from the arrangement was a key reason for the new partnering agreement between Brokerbility and Gauntlet Group.

The move means Gauntlet Group and its Appointed Representative network are leaving Willis Towers Watson Networks after many years, with membership of WTW Networks having served Gauntlet Group well.  Joining as a member of Brokerbility is a logical step for Gauntlet Group, however, as it puts further energy behind the local broker renaissance it has been spearheading since early 2021.

“We need to ensure that our appointed representatives are fully equipped to become the go-to insurance resource in their communities, whether those ‘communities’ are geographically or niche-sector based,” says Gauntlet Group’s managing director, Roger Gaunt.

“We need our appointed representatives to have the strongest opportunity to compete in local and UK-wide markets and believe Brokerbility’s various schemes will be of major advantage to our dedicated start-up, established and de-authorising brokers.

“We also feel the access to market we can secure, thanks to Brokerbility’s buying power will be a real growth catalyst for those account executives joining us through Gauntlet Brokerage Builder and wanting to get off to a fantastic start, in their ‘try before you fly’ 22 months – a period in which they will build their future independent brokerage, whilst being employed by Gauntlet.”

Gauntlet Group also saw much synergy between its own principles and ethos and Brokerbility’s, particularly with regard to supporting local brokers and helping them to grow and prosper.

Gauntlet Group is purely joining the network as a member, with no financial transaction having taking place beyond that and with no intention for that to be the case in the future.  It simply wishes to enable its appointed representatives to tap into the ever-increasing buying power and access to MGA schemes that Brokerbility provides.

“We are wholly committed to driving the local broker renaissance and wanted to be a member of a network that matched our energy and was wholly aligned with our markets and thinking,” says Gaunt.  “Our appointed representative proposition has evolved phenomenally in the past 18 months and we needed to ensure everything was in place to allow our brokers to present a compelling proposition to prospective clients every time they pitch. By joining Brokerbility, we believe we are providing them with a new dynamism and strong competitive advantage.”

In April 2023, Brokerbility unveiled a refresh of its proposition, which set out a new member framework, responding to each member’s growth journey. Every member is supported by a range of added-value services, including compliance support, and an enhanced training programme through the Brokerbility Academy.

John Dunn, Managing Director of Brokerbility said: ‘Brokerbility is delighted to partner with the Gauntlet Group. This is a significant landmark for Brokerbility as it will enable us to offer  a fantastic start-up and AR proposition to prospective members, through Gauntlet Group.  At the same time both Gauntlet, as a commercial insurance broker in its own right, as well as all of its Appointed Representative members, will join Brokerbility and benefit from our influence and a range of added-value services.  This partnership brings together two insurance players that share a passion for helping brokers exceed their business goals.”

More information about Gauntlet Group is at and its appointed representative opportunities are detailed at  Further details about Brokerbility can be found at

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