Flexible Appointed Representative Agreements To Attract More Talent

Gauntlet Enterprise, the appointed representative (AR) network operated by highly respected principal, Gauntlet Group, has taken another step towards consolidating its reputation as the AR network for top insurance professionals.

By showing its willingness to offer flexible and tailored arrangements to those with niche expertise or in-depth experience within Gauntlet’s own core markets, Gauntlet has sent out a strong signal that not all AR agreements need to be structured in the same way, if there is a compelling business argument to do something different.

The arrival within the network of Mark Monk, former associate director at rival bus and coach insurance broker, Wrightsure, and now head of Gauntlet’s southern office, as well as an Appointed Representative, has paved the way for similar relationships and agreements with ambitious and talented individuals.

Gauntlet has assisted the launch of Mark’s insurance brokerage, Gauntlet Hallmark, based in Essex, and made this the hub for its southern office, by providing the business with some of Gauntlet’s key bus and coach client accounts to service, whilst Mark’s covenants are still in place.

The clients are benefiting from Mark Monk’s impressive and decades-long managerial expertise and extensive knowledge of the bus and coach sector and have a broker within touching distance, who can offer a face-to-face service and keep abreast of any developments that could influence the risk that is insured.

Rather than having to rush out to try to bring business in, Mark Monk can get his insurance brokerage off to a flying start and simultaneously grow Gauntlet’s business in the south.  The incentives to do so have also been put into place, as an indication of Gauntlet’s backing for brokers with specific expertise that can extend the Group’s influence and fuel its growth.

Others in a similar position to Mark Monk are being encouraged to get in touch with Gauntlet’s managing director, Roger Gaunt, to have a full and frank discussion about what each party could offer to the other.

Roger Gaunt says: “Gauntlet Enterprise does things differently and we can examine each AR business partnership proposition on an individual basis, when discussing what the relationship between us should be.

“However, the flexibility works at the other end of an AR’s business life-cycle as well, as we are also willing to discuss exit strategies and options when an AR wishes to sell their business.  This flexibility can be hugely advantageous for an appointed representative, when they start their life as a keen and hungry self-employed entrepreneur, when they are ready to retire or sell up, or at both points in their business’s lifespan.”

Mark Monk could not be more delighted with the arrangement struck with Gauntlet and urges other talented insurance brokers and account executives to consider a similar move, if they are discontented with where they are in their career, for whatever reason.

Mark says: “My first few months running Gauntlet’s southern office have been extremely rewarding and dynamic, both from a job satisfaction point of view and in terms of business gains. Having both laid our cards on the table and explored the options, Gauntlet and I have struck a deal that works for everyone and which is based on forward-thinking and strategic goals.  I would urge others to follow my lead and explore the options.  You only get one chance to shape your career in a way that fits your dreams and needs.”

Those with an interesting proposition, who wish to explore an arrangement based on their individual profile and expertise, can contact Roger Gaunt on 0113 244 8686.  Others wanting to launch their own insurance business in a more general way can talk to Nigel Law on 07774 690436, as there are options for all talented account executives who want to align themselves with a Chartered Broker-run network, fuelled by professionalism and full of top talent.

More information is available at www.appointedrepresentatives.com

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