Appointed Representative Programme Opens for Nationwide Applications

The Gauntlet Group Appointed Representative network’s groundbreaking new route into becoming an independent broker and brokerage owner – Gauntlet Brokerage Builder – is now recruiting account executives from locations nationwide.  This follows huge success in its Yorkshire and Northern phase.

The unique, game-changing AR programme allows talented account executives to achieve their dream of running their own brokerage on a de-risked basis.  It sees them being mentored and nurtured, whilst employed by Gauntlet for 22 months, as they build their brokerage’s foundations.

This levels the playing field for all, allowing those with family commitments or little financial backing, to set up their own business and be their own boss.  Although the financial agreement with Gauntlet Group is structured differently from that of a standard AR, it provides a hugely attractive option for those who are ambitious and entrepreneurial.

Having provided opportunities to brokers who have worked from Gauntlet’s headquarters in Leeds, the appointed representative network principal has already recruited an account executive from Coventry.  The Gauntlet Brokerage Builder programme is now being delivered remotely and is ready to take on more future brokerage owners.


Gauntlet Brokerage Builder’s Broking Partner Designates

These recruits will be employed as a Broking Partner Designate, with the next move they make being into that of insurance business owner.  During the 22 months in which they are employed by Gauntlet, they get their business plan, client base and sales and marketing tactics in place and test the waters of self-employment.

This is the ‘try before you fly programme that has captured the imagination’,” says Roger Gaunt.  “It’s a win-win for both us and the account exec.  They can get their business shaped, honed and up and running before actually becoming self-employed and we can train our future AR broker partners in all of the successful strategies we have worked on for many years.  This gives them the best possible chance of success, once they do become Appointed Representatives of Gauntlet Group.”


How this Appointed Representative (AR) programme works

The Gauntlet Appointed Representative Network management team and Gauntlet’s direct insurance sales team together mentor Gauntlet Brokerage Builder programme entrants.  Their support and expertise takes the prospective start-up broker progress to a stage where they are market-ready, after the 22 months has been completed.

On the way, the Broking Partner Designate has to hit set income generation targets and other milestones, proving they have what it takes to become self-sufficient in income generation terms.  Achieving some milestones assures Gauntlet that the candidate can do more than just ‘sell’ and has good business acumen.

If all targets and milestones are met, the candidate is offered an Appointed Representative opportunity with Gauntlet Group at the end of the 22 months.  In some cases, depending on their experience, it could be sooner.

We are uniquely placed to offer this opportunity, because no other AR network has a direct sales team that can nurture a future start-up broker and help them with lead generation and sales strategies,” says Gaunt.


How to apply to be an Appointed Representative (AR) 

With the second tranche of recruitment now open, Gauntlet expects to receive applications from account executives based across the UK.  They can work from their own home, receiving support via video conferencing, email and phone calls.

Gauntlet sees the programme as another major step in the local broker renaissance it has spearheaded for the past two years.  As a result of its strategies and support, its network is thriving and growing fast, with recruitment continuous, whether through the traditional AR route, Gauntlet Brokerage Builder, or Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track (GDF).

GDF was another groundbreaking move by Gauntlet, which has come to the rescue of smaller directly authorised brokers who wanted to de-authorise and become ARs.  This has freed them of the stress of handling compliance, accounting and IT, whilst also providing sales support, PI insurance and many other services.

Such has been the rebirth that two of these brokers took the AR of the Year and New AR of the Year awards at Gauntlet’s annual AR Awards, in October 2023.

It would be fantastic if, next year or the year after, these titles could go to those who have come to us through the Gauntlet Brokerage Builder route,” adds Gaunt.  “If you are ambitious and tired of working for other people, this is a great option.   Just go for it and see where it can take you.”


More information about becoming an AR through this route

More information about Gauntlet Brokerage Builder can be found here – and a downloadable booklet accessed from this page.

A podcast about Gauntlet Brokerage Builder can also be found here –

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