5 Reasons Not To Choose Gauntlet’s AR Network

Gauntlet Enterprise is a robust, innovation-led AR network that has gained huge traction and achieved impressive growth over the past few years, but it isn’t right for every account executive seeking to build their own insurance business as an Appointed Representative.

Here are 5 reasons why:


Gauntlet’s AR network is one that is founded on the basis of no compromise when it comes to ethics, principles and compliance. If you want to establish an insurance brokerage that is not black or white, but a little grey around the edges, we are not the network for you.


We expect both our Appointed Representatives and our staff to have a huge work ethic, backed by both the ambition and drive to not just build a business or career, but build one that’s going places. There won’t be any sympathy for l ack of effort or sales, unless there’s a really valid reason, but if you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur or a successful self-employed business person, you need to have someone cracking the whip. We’re offering you what could be the opportunity of your lifetime, not an easy ride.



If you are only half-hearted about establishing your own insurance brokerage, Gauntlet’s is not the AR model for you, as it is dependent on full commitment to a vision, not a ‘suck-it-and-see-and-then-maybe-return-to-what-I-was-doing-previously mentality’. That just won’t wash with us and it will not see the model succeed for you.


If your family or partner is not behind your business plan 100%, we will probably advise you to not take up an opportunity and may not even offer you one.  Starting your own business is tough, even with all the back-office support that Gauntlet offers you.  If a loss of guaranteed income is going to cause financial problems and friction at home, that will transfer into your business dealings and cause all manner of issues.  Talk everything through, realistically, before you even think of becoming an AR.


If you think the demise of Yellow Pages is the worst thing that’s happened in the British business world, you probably aren’t the right person for Gauntlet’s business model.  Clients will not just find you in the way they used to and you have to be prepared to pick up the phone and sell, present at business meetings and clubs, tackle the world of social media and online marketing to post and promote your brokerage, and work hard to get your face known.  Shrinking violets are not likely to succeed, unless they have a huge number of existing clients on board from day one.

If none of the above worries you and, in fact, inspires you and demonstrates that Gauntlet’s is an AR network within which you could go places, given your personality, contacts, work ethic and principles, please pick up the phone and call Nigel Law on 07774 690436 or email NigelLaw@GauntletGroup.com

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